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	The main function of the flywheel is to maintain inertia in order to provide a more 
	consistent delivery of torque. This solid or “stock” flywheel is most common, and it is 
	used by most drivers. The pressure plate is bolted to the flywheel; and the flywheel 
	connects to the engine.

	The DMF helps to dampen the unwanted vibrations derived from torque and revolutions. The 
	reduction is achieved by accumulating stored energy in the two flywheel half masses over 
	a period of time but damped by a series of strong springs. Even though it has many advantages, 
	the DMF has some drawbacks. Mainly the cost, since it cannot be resurfaced, it has to be 
	replaced with a new one every time.
	Some performance applications will require a light-weight Billet Aluminum or Billet Steel 
	Flywheel. This light flywheel improves performance, and maintains low-end torque. They are 
	used for Street and Stage 1 and 2 performance clutches.