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Brake Pads
            BRAKE PADS

We have a wide selection of brake pads to suit each vehicle applications with precision-cut backing plates and metal shims to match OEM’s specifications. All aluminum castings are “hard anodized”. All iron castings are phosphate coated to prevent rust. All machining done by computer programed CNC machines.

Brake Shoes
            BRAKE SHOES

Our friction formula provides improved braking power, low dust, and long wear for optimize performance. Before assembly all castings and components are cleaned by automated ultrasonic cleaning machines

Master Cylinder

All manufactured assemblies must pass SAE/JIS/CNS testing before first manufacturing run is made. Rubber components manufactured are independently tested and certified by approved labs globally to meet extreme (high and low) temperatures.

Brake Shoes
            WHEEL CYLINDER

Assemblies match what was originally installed on the car for quality, fit, function and material. During design of our assemblies only OE assemblies are used as base reference. Each assembly is 100% tested before being packaged.